Y’all are sleeping on one of our area’s best breweries just because it’s in Fort Mill

This cozy spot in Fort Mill is crushing it.
Armor Artis Brewing - Charlotte contributor

On Main St. in Fort Mill there is a small, cozy, brewery located in a shop built in the 1890’s that has captured the attention of all the big names in the local beer community. Amor Artis opened in 2018 at the inception of the Fort Mill beer scene and helped establish York County as a place for beer lovers to explore.

Just north of Fort Mill is a booming craft beer scene with over 40-50 breweries. New places are opening almost every day in Charlotte, but Amor Artis has broken through the noise and clutter to become a respected name amongst the larger establishments, inspiring thousands to make a pilgrimage to taste the brews they have heard so much about.  

Ryan Self, Director of Sales at The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Charlotte’s oldest and largest craft brewery, described Amor Artis’ Farmhouse Brett, “Brettanical”, as “nothing short of spectacular. A display of the art of brewing.”

Praise like this from names like Ryan Self has people driving from afar to Fort Mill just to get their hands on small batch releases like the Belgian Quad aged in cinnamon whiskey barrels. Self-proclaimed beer nerd, Mike Workman likened the beer to “an after Thanksgiving Cobbler with the blend of peaches, apples, apricots, raisins, a dash of cinnamon and whisky drizzled over the crust.”

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If that doesn’t already have you drooling all over your screen, you’ll be happy to know that you can get the full York County experience and have some award winning BBQ with your beer. The Improper Pig is right next door and delivers to the brewery – you never even have to leave your stool.

When brothers Steve and Travis Tolson opened Amor Artis, they were aiming for the family vibe and it’s apparent by the toys scattered around the taproom left by their kids. They strove to create an atmosphere that was welcoming and inclusive for all.

Steve stated, “We make a wide array of beers that are all good. That was a major emphasis when introducing craft beer to Fort Mill, we wanted to ensure there was a beer for everyone.”

The wide variety of beer can be attributed to Travis’ time as a brewer at Wicked Weed and his experience working with all styles before approaching his brother about starting a brewery of their own in their hometown.

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Community is a very important part of the business for the Tolson brothers who went to high school in Fort Mill and came back to start the brewery because their parents still live here. They know that breweries are destinations that will drive traffic to other businesses. “I love to see customers drive into town for beer, but stick around for a burger across the street at Hobo’s,” said Steve. 

As with many breweries, they have small attractions on a daily basis offering such things as music bingo, a running club, guest food trucks(including Cousins Maine Lobster), yoga, a bike club, and even Bachelorette watch parties.

If you need an excuse to visit soon, check out the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge they’ve got coming up. You’ll run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours and close out the weekend with a bunch of swag and other fun stuff. Hell, you even get to support a good cause while you do it.

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